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Serving Sizes & Cake Cutting Guide: Image


The secret to a perfectly sliced cake EVERYTIME!

Step 1: The Knife

You want to use a relatively short serrated knife, like a tomato knife, to slice through frosting and cake layers without exerting much pressure. A blade that’s about 5” to 8” is easiest to handle and works best. This makes it ideal for cutting cake because there’s not a lot of surface area for the knife to collect frosting and then drag it through the rest of the cake. 

Step 2: Hot water is your friend

Make slicing even easier by running your knife under hot water before using, or even between every slice. Be sure to dry the knife thoroughly, then cut your slices while the knife is still slightly warm to the touch.

The warm knife will cut through the frosting like butter! The slices will be neat and clean, leaving all the frosting exactly where it's supposed to be

Step 3: Clean your knife between slices

Regardless of whether you've warmed up your knife, be sure to wipe the knife clean between slices and use a gentle sawing motion. 

Step 4: Enjoy your Slice

Sit back and enjoy your beautiful slice of Bayside Bakery Cake!

Serving Sizes & Cake Cutting Guide: Wedding Services
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