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Saving wedding cake for your first anniversary is a tradition that symbolizes good luck and prosperity for newlyweds. The top tier of the cake is to be frozen and then eaten on the couple's first anniversary.

If you want to celebrate your first anniversary with another bite of your Bayside Bakery cake, here's how to preserve it for the tastiest result!

How to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake:

  1. Freeze it: Let freeze for a few hours to harden icing

  2. Wrap it: Loosely wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap. Don’t use aluminum foil — it can lead to freezer burn.

  3. Seal it: For best results place cake in an airtight container. If storing your cake in a box, wrap the box in several layers of plastic wrap for the best chance of preserving the cake's taste and texture. Place back into the freezer until ready to enjoy again!

  4. Enjoy it: When your first anniversary draws near, take the cake out of the freezer, remove the wrapping, then allow the cake to thaw for 24 to 48 hours in the refrigerator. Before serving, give the cake time (2 to 3 hours) to come to room temperature.

Or, just forget freezing and order a replica!

Concerned your wedding cake won’t hack it in the freezer? Have Bayside Bakery create a copycat cake for your anniversary — the dessert will be fresh and sweet, and it will still bring back fond memories of your big day.


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How to Preserve your Wedding Cake: Wedding Services
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