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Let us take one task off your endless to-do list -- Ensure that you have a safe and beautiful display for your cake by renting a cake stand from Bayside Bakery!

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Available in white, black, or gold – this pedestal cake stand lifts your cake upwards while the metal top plate ensures a solid foundation. A beautiful and strong cake stand ensures that your cake is the star of the show.

Measures: 14 inch x 8 inches tall.

Rental Fee: $50; Deposit: $100

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SECURITY DEPOSIT. Your security deposit must be made in cash and will be refunded in full provided that the stand(s) are returned on-time and free of any damage.
RETURN POLICY. Late return or damaged stand(s) will result in the forfeit of your deposit.
RISK OF LOSS OR DAMAGE. Customer assumes all risks of loss or damage to the stand from any cause and agrees to return stand(s) in the physical condition it was received.
ASSIGNMENT. Customer shall not re-assign this rental or permit the stand(s) to be used by anyone other than the Customer. Your signature below means that you agree to the terms of the stand rental policies stated above.

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